Music therapy is a creative opportunity for patients and families to express emotions in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Individuals can participate in music making or choose to listen – or both. Therapeutic experiences may include songwriting, musical performances, vocals or music enhancements. Has no musical background or experience is required to enjoy the many benefits of music therapy, including:

  • Positive changes in mood, relaxation, peace and comfort
  • Anxiety and stress reduction.
  • Social interactions with caregivers and family members.
  • Remember memories, memories and life satisfaction.

Art therapy is a unique opportunity for all ages – children, teens and adults – to express themselves creatively as they deal with stress, sadness and loss. Art can produce a powerful output that can be an antidote to the mind, body and spirit.
The same goals of art therapy include relaxing and relieving stress, providing insight into emotions, and encouraging communication between loved ones. For those who are depressed, art therapy can also be a creative tool for sharing memories and exploring coping skills. This goal can be achieved through:

  • Self-Expressive Art – creates a spontaneous artwork, based on current emotions, feelings and thoughts.
  • Art Studio – creates artwork for relaxation and as a center for a network of stressors and transitional lives.
  • The Legacy Project – making gifts, art projects for generations, memory books, albums and memory boxes.

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