About Palliative Care - YOKUK

There is a lot of suffering going on to the people who are dying, and a part of them had died of various diseases afflicted. The most unbearable is looking into the children who have cancer, eyelid sarcoma and the glioblastoma patient (stage four brain cancer sufferer) and others. So skinny, suffer and no words can describe

It’s no easy feat to see the big bad sore that open and exposed with reddish skin surmounted and subsequently the patients leg both had been amputated. Heavy eye could bear the weight of another table.


Here are some tips:

1. About the prevention of disease. Some diseases can be prevented from being worsened. Take care of your health, your family’s health, your cleanliness, your home environment, water resources, foods that you take, water that you drink and your emotions. These are all attributes with our health status and offspring’s. Avoid unnecessary junk food and activities. Live the healthy life and have exercises. Go for walking, jogging, exercising and get refreshments at the beach, or any other nice conditioned spots. Our body needs that although we often don’t understand its sound and groan.

2. Have an attempt to get the ‘good death’ or ‘Husnul Khatimah’. As Muslims, this is an important thing. Death is a transit before the hereafter, so endowed the good start for the good truly end of life there is a very important subject in our lives. Pray, do good deeds, and learn how to get the best end. Insya Allah.

3. I’m touched with one woman patient who cannot walk and manage herself. She was let unbathed for one month, and when the Yokuk team arrived at her home at about 10.30 morning, she still not having her breakfast and continually attended her everyday, she progressed impressively, and now she can wake up and walk although still need to be assisted by the stick. So, I took her story for myself, take care of our family members.