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The chairperson of Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan (YOKUK) Datin Suliana Shamsuddin Alias said that there are more than 4000 disabled individuals (OKU) registered under YOKUK and receiving rehabilitation services provided by YOKUK, such as Palliative Yokuk@Sayang Home Care, Hippotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Sand Therapy, Sensory Therapy and Music, Art and Drama Therapy.

She said that all this rehabilitation services will be adjusted according to the needs of the disabled individuals. The operating funds for the organization mostly come from public donations. She hopes to recruit more volunteers, so that YOKUK can have enough manpower to continue serving the disabled and letting them feel the concern and love from the community.

She added that the hydrotherapy service is conducted weekly at Perdana Resort. However, there could not be more than 30 disabled persons who can receive this treatment at the same time due to the limited space of the pool.

YOKUK planned to build their own swimming pool on a donated land but due to financial constraints, was unable to do so.

“Sand therapy is able to relieve stroke effects. Originally, this treatment was carried out at the beach. However, we have been unable to do the treatment for two years since the government had built the breakwater.”

However, she said, YOKUK is still providing other rehabilitation services and therapy including hippotherapy, which can help the patients to improve neurological function and sensory processing.

Suliana said that YOKUK is a non-governmental organization established for more than 10 years, but lacking in publicity. She appreciated the help of USM for organizing this event in order to let the public to know more about YOKUK.

“Love, care and hope should be enhanced and cultivated in the community in order to encourage more people in giving support and help to needy people.”