Kelantan Disabled Foundation (YOKUK) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established to assist people with disabilities throughout the state, to achieve the goals and objectives of the establishment, YOKUK offers several special services for clients who are registered, including therapy services, training classes vocational, welfare, workshops and rehabilitation of health.
Currently, YOKUK provides rehabilitation services in terms of Therapy, Palliative Care, Welfare and Educational services free of charge, relying very much on public support, individuals and corporate sponsors as it does not receive any regular grants.

Therapy Services

Through the services of 2 qualified physiotherapists and one occupational therapists, and their assistants, YOKUK carries out therapies of various kinds at the Centre in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu or through Home visits that are carried out every day, throughout the state of Kelantan.

Welfare Services

In addition to offering therapy services, Kelantan Disabled Foundation also provides services in the welfare of people with disabilities who are registered, between virtue conducted is like a visit to the client’s home, cleaning of homes, build homes through a program of Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, mobile care, umrah programs, and carnivals. The welfare services provided:

Visit to Home Clients​

The foundation will visit every house clients. Through this program, parents and guardians have the opportunity to submit questions and information, or applications in the form of equipment or other assistance. In addition, parents and clients will have the opportunity to receive tutoring to exercise daily therapy to clients.

The foundation will visit every house clients. Through this program, parents and guardians have the opportunity to submit questions and information, or applications in the form of equipment or other assistance. In addition, parents and clients will have the opportunity to receive tutoring to exercise daily therapy to clients.

Mutual Aid

In addition aims to strengthen the relationship between YOKUK and clients. Cooperative activities undertaken to realize the healthy environment internally and externally, in addition to this activity can reduce the risk or harmful environmental conditions, particularly for clients in wheelchairs to move.

Residential Building

Kelantan Disabled Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Malaysia work together to build homes for people with disabilities who are less fortunate. Habitat for Humanity Malaysia is an organization that works to eradicate poverty in Malaysia.

Mobile Care

For clients who have difficulties in terms of transportation, YOKUK provide disabled-friendly service called Mobile Care. Mobile Care are equipped with system “hydraulic lift” for the wheelchair user. The service can help clients to resume daily routines, get treatment at the hospital, to the city or make bill payments. For clients who wish to use the services of mobile care had to be made reservations on the day before the date of travel.


Carnival YOKUK activity is held to foster relationships between clients, Class Special Education Centers, Community Rehabilitation Center (PDK) throughout the state of Kelantan, the public and staff YOKUK, among the activities carried out are like birthday party to children with special needs, garage sales stalls, musical competition for special children, performances by local artistes, games and sweepstakes.

Vocational Classes

Vocational classes are conducted to provide them with daily activity and specialized skills to enable them to cope with trying to be more independent and possibly to get jobs suited to their capabilities.

Classroom training is a first step which was created to provide clients with the basic skills to enter the workforce. Clients will be given training and guidance in some specific areas, and include cooking classes, sewing classes, computer and electronic classroom for free. Class will be managed by instructors who are trained and experienced. Clients who have the skills to be placed in institutions or departments offer applications for employment for people with disabilities. The training classes are offered:

Computer Class

Along with the development of technology and information, Kelantan Disabled Foundation offers computer classes to help people with disabilities to keep up with technology. Trainees will be taught related to computer functionality, typing in Microsoft Office and Internet usage.

Cooking Class

Coach will be exposed to the techniques in cooking, typical tasks such as cleanliness, neatness, and garnish the dishes.

Workshop Services

In addition, YOKUK also held a workshop that is open to all, whether the parents are guardians, or people with disabilities, to assist and provide information and knowledge in the management of people with disabilities. Among the workshops are:

Wheelchair Workshop

Disabled people such as “spinal cord injury” or “stroke” which causes paralysis of half the body, causing them to use a wheelchair to move around. Support and assistance is needed. YOKUK with initiatives related problems experienced by these groups appear to organize workshops wheelchair “Pete workshop”. These workshops will provide knowledge in the techniques of handling wheelchairs, body position and movement of the wheelchair up and down. This workshop can generally help people with disabilities to improve the quality of life and independence in daily activities.

Riding Therapy Workshop

Riding Therapy Workshop is a medium that has been recognized therapy associated efficacy in treating patients like autism, hyperactive, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and the like. Although many studies have been conducted and its effectiveness has been proven in European countries, it is still assessed as a new field in Malaysia. Thus, the Kelantan Foundation for the Disabled has several years of providing therapy riding therapy riding creating workshops to help provide relevant information disclosure and the interest and benefit of riding therapy, how to train and control a horse, and how the treatment is carried out using horses. These workshops will expand and diversify thoughts recovery methods to clients.

Palliative Care through YOKUK@Sayang Home Care

We provide palliative care services for bedridden persons, who have cerebral palsy, stroke, cancer, and other life limiting illnesses, in their homes. This is in collaboration with the local hospitals and the Government health services as well as support form Corporate sponsors. We have several mobile units comprising nurses, physiotherapists and other professionals who go out making home visits everyday to the rural areas, to alleviate the discomfort faced by these patients.

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