Welfare Services

Welfare services provided are such as house repair, providing financial assistance and also providing equipment aid such as wheelchairs, artificial limbs, basic electrical appliances etc. to the needy. For clients who are unable to come to our Centre, we extend our help through Home visits. We assist the disabled to register with the Welfare department so that they can benefit from the various amenities offerred by the Government. We also help the family members improve their skills in caring for those who are bed ridden. YOKUK does about 500 to 600 home visits per annum to families that can ill afford to come out to get assistance for their family members who are disabled.

YOKUK also provide disabled friendly transport for our clients to get to the hospitals, medical centers or our center for rehabilitation.

Social events are held regularly which include the annual YOKUK Carnival that gives an opportunity for around 300 special needs children to celebrate their birthdays. Maya Karin, the well known actress and our Goodwill Ambassador is always there to lend a hand at our Fundraising activities and also to assist with our clients needs where suitable.

Myiesha Shop for YOKUK
  • Seminar/workshops for the disabled
  • Equipment aid
  • Study and job placement
  • Birthday parties for disabled children.
Therapy Services

Through the services of 2 qualified physiotherapists and one occupational therapists, and their assistants, YOKUK carries out therapies of various kinds at the Centre in Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu or through Home visits that are carried out every day, throughout the state of Kelantan.

The various therapies provided are Physiotherapy, Riding therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sensory therapy and Sand therapy.

Vocational Classes

Daily classes are being conducted for children below the age of 7 to attend the Early Intervention classes conducted by KLab@YOKUK in association with Kits4Kids Foundation.
For young adults with learning disabilities, who have left the mainstream special classes run by Government schools, daily Vocational classes are conducted to provide them with daily activity and specialized skills to enable them to cope with trying to be more independent and possibly to get jobs suited to their capabilities. Currently we have 17 young adults attending our classes. Many of our ex students have since gone on to get jobs suited to their capabilities.

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